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We, IGITEC, (seo specialist india) in the field of search engine optimization. We speak your SEO and online campaigns succeed. Tendrils up front and you can see from your prospective customers. We offer comprehensive advice and find an individual solution for your website. Our holistic concepts that we develop with you and for you include all aspects of search engine optimization. More visitors, more customers, more success with our SEO services. What we can do for you?

Certainly you want to secure your top ranking on a long term basis. Each web page must be pursued with different goals. Are you regionally, nationally or internationally active? The type of search happening in search engines and are different for each industry, a "silver bullet" does not exist. Therefore, we give your project our full attention online, in close consultation with you the strategy that will lead to targeted success.

Each new website is faced with the problem that it is unknown to users and the crawlers of search engines. Even if the page content appears ready, but it takes some effort to make effective. This applies to users and search engines alike. For best results, a SEO strategy should be set early and consistently implemented. We will help you in all phases of your project.

Search engine optimization is a continuous, ongoing process. The search engines like google, yahoo and bing are adapting their algorithms constantly. In addition, the Internet itself is a dynamic environment, and a high ranking is not guaranteed for all time. So you need a partner who is always on the cutting edge of search engine optimization, and thus the ranking of your page ensures long term. This way you can compete against the new daily online offers and can look forward to the changes of search engine algorithms in a relaxed manner. As a specialist seo provider from india we identify trends and factors that lead to long term success.

Each strategy is based on data. With our SEO analysis, we consider all factors that may be crucial for the ranking in search engines. We go far beyond an analysis of your online content: Holistic SEO means for us is the interaction of onpage and off page factors. All these factors are therefore taken into account in our analysis. Any analysis of seonatives is handmade and contains annotated analysis results from individual tips and strategy recommendations to the respective areas of expertise of our SEO experts. For each analysis, we take the time for careful preparation. To see where there is room for improvement actions, and how you can manage your website efficiently and sustainably for success.

OnPage Analysis

An analysis of the onpage factors include a snapshot of all sitewide factors. We review the compliance with technical standards that are required to ensure that your content will be read and evaluated by the optimal crawlers can. We also analyze the visual content of your page. Our experts will dive into the code of your websites targeted by a glow, and to optimize each individual page. Thus, weaknesses identified and specific suggestions are given for optimization measures.

OffPage Analysis

We give you insight into your backlink structure. Every link that points to your website is checked for its quality and effectiveness. We identify the source URLs and IPs and rely on a variety of analytical values (eg relevance, and Google PageRank valuesfor ranking and importance of web pages in Google). Also, the backlink structure is analyzed in its entirety, because the greatest effect shows a certain mixing ratio between Backlinks different qualities.


We determine your relevant keywords and suggest new keywords, which could be worth optimizing. We'll review your keywords to rank strength, competition and search volume nationally and internationally.


What makes it different from your competition, what makes them better or worse. We will help you learn from the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. We compare for the keywords, rankings, analysis and many other values.

Keyword Optimization

Just when you need to win against many competitors: We analyze the keywords for your website are really relevant, and how your website can be optimized for those keywords. To be found with the right keywords and the visitors can convince yourself of your solutions.


The identification and definition of keywords should represent one of the first steps of a successful SEO measure. The stated goal is to increase your rankings for relevant keywords, ie keywords that Internet users would actually use, and then to find appropriate solutions on your side in the form of products or services. First, we analyze your site for appropriate keywords, and, secondly, the keywords themselves generic keywords (long tail keywords) are highly competitive. Perhaps there is a keyword with high competitive intensity, a less embattled synonymous with a high number of search queries (long tail). We determine the appropriate for the strategy. Strategy.

The keyword analysis eventually result in a strategy worked out individually for you, that goes into your onpage and off page optimization. For example, the text of your website on the identified keywords are optimized and are acquired specifically for your keywords are relevant backlinks. We can measure the performance measures over time periods, and thus examine the impact of the strategy easily and thus obtain further guidance. Perhaps you are even suitable for a Hidden Champion-Strategy: This form of search engine optimization niche keywords with little SEO effort enables high conversions. Ask us - we will be happy.

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