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Search engine optimization (abbreviated SEO) is an essential component of effective online marketing. The aim is to work with various service modules (such as optimizing your site structure, the extension of qualified link popularity, etc.) your site to relevant search terms for you to be placed as far forward in the results from Google & Co. - and thus to generate more qualified traffic.

The result: more contacts, more inquiries, more sales - measurable success, which we create a monthly report. The measures include a sustainable search engine optimization at IGITEC.

Onsite optimization

Onsite optimization is a very basic building block of search engine optimization process. Quality On page / On site optimization and relevant content of your website is inevitable for better search engine placement. We create the necessary structures for the website or in otherwords we cater quality "food" for search engines. Initially we analyze the website in detail before onsite optimisation and create a catalog of recommendations of measures to improve the site structure itself in order to increase the search capability. After consultation, we put these recommendations in act. We optimize page titles, meta tags and possibly the content of your website in order to achieve good positions. For dynamic websites with database connections or websites using content management systems, we develop a customized solution.

Link Popularity

In simple words, the value describes the link popularity of a site from the perspective of search engines, measured by the number and quality of links pointing to the website links. Google puts it in the so-called PageRank.

To increase this value, it is possible many of the site, but also qualified links to the website. The research and performance of such links is also part of our work in the context of search engine optimization.

Landing Pages

With your consent, we develop your website, targeted landing pages that offer bundled information about a specific keyword. These sites offer internet users by combining the information and will also add value for the particular search term or topic area get listed very well in the search engines.

Long term care

To submit your site to continuously adapt to changing search engine ranking criteria, we take care of your website continuously. We respond to any changes in ranking, which may arise as well as by optimizing operation of your competitors. We are constantly researching new ways to increase the skilled linking link popularity and of course we keep you updated with regular reports on the current status of your ranking positions, the number of visitors-development and the relevant facts about your Web site up to date.

The result

The result of the ongoing SEO is quite simply more "qualified traffic" - ie visitors will find in your websitee, what they are looking for.

And that means:
More contacts, more enquiries, more sales! Increase your business success by top positions in search engines!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Media Marketing
  • Campaign Planning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Identification
  • OnPage Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Generating Backlinks
  • PageRank Improvement
  • Online Promotion
  • Online Advertising
  • Content Creation
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Creation & Blog Marketing
  • Search Engine Submission
  • W3c Validation
  • Sitemap Creation and Submission
  • Onine Reputation Management
  • Website Traffic (Analytics)

Social Media Optimization & Marketing

  • Social Media Profile Creation in (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Twitter, Ning, Flickr, Digg, StumbleUpon, Slideshare)
  • Promoting Social Media Profiles & increase PageRank
  • Adding relevant followers and fans to social media profiles
  • Regular & Relevant Updates in Social Media Profiles
  • SocialBookmarking
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